Touchscreen Products
Touch Panel Technology

Touch Pannel Division is a newly eastiblished division in the O-Net Group. We are developing the WaveTouch technology that is different from the tranditional capacitive touchscreen technology. Our WaveTouch technology adopts all-optical and optoelectronic technology as well as single plastic optical waveguide plate to replace ITO sensor units used in the capacitive touchscreen.

Comapred with the capacitive touch screen, our novel design based on such a structure offers advantages of anti-electromagnetic interference, higher level transparency, display under the sunlight without reflection, user friendly, high resolution images, low cost and higher production yields. The screen can even response to touches by a person with finger gloves. The intensity of the screen can be adjusted by simple touches. Generally, multi-touch points cannot be accurately distinguished with conventional optical touch screen. However, this issue can be easily addressed with optical waveguide design in Wavetouch Technology. The other feature of the touchscreen includes touch dependent intensity change. The Wavetouch screens can operate under any extreme environment, including very high and low temperature, high humidity, and complex electromagnetic environment and under water condition.

WaveTouch technology offers low cost and high performance solutions for touch panel production and will find applications in smart phone, tablet, lab top computer, television and other electronic equipment.