O-Net Co-Chairman & CEO Austin Na Wins “Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2016”
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O-Net Co-Chairman & CEO Austin Na Wins“Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2016”

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Mr. Austin Na, Co-Chairman and CEO of O-Net, received the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (“APEA”) 2016 in the IT, Internet & Telecommunications Industry category in Hong Kong.

(Hong Kong, 3 October 2016) – O-Net Technologies (Group) Limited (“O-Net” or the “Group”) (stock code: 877), a leading high technology enterprise, announced that its Co-Chairman and CEO Austin Na has won the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (“APEA”) 2016 in the IT, Internet & Telecommunications Industry category in Hong Kong. This is the second time Mr. Na is recognised by Enterprise Asia with the same award.

Under Mr. Na’s leadership, O-Net has transformed from a telecom passive optical component company into a leading diversified high-technology enterprise in the past couple of years. Mr. Na sees the importance of the Group broadening business interests instead of merely focusing on its core optical networking products. Thus, in recent years, he has pushed forward with developing new businesses, including active component business, and automation and sensing businesses, thus opening new revenue streams for O-Net.

Mr. Na has continued to break new grounds for O-Net and was the architect of certain acquisitions the Group completed in the past few years. These acquisitions and the Group’s core and new businesses enjoy powerful synergies in terms of product range, technological improvements and vertical integration. He also leads the Group’s involvement in the development of autonomous vehicles, specifically, the LiDAR business, which is set to become another key growth driver of O-Net. The outstanding financial performance of the Group in the past few years, including its profit attributable to equity holders boasting a CAGR of 140.2% between 2014 and 2016, is proof that his strategy to diversify the Group’s business streams has been successful.

Mr. Austin Na, Co-Chairman and CEO of O-Net, said, “I am extremely honored to receive the APEA the second time, which I see as recognition of my business and philanthropy work in the past decade. This prestigious acknowledgement is an encouragement for me to continue to make sure O-Net adheres to its proven strategic directions and be committed to providing world-class products and industry leading innovation. Looking ahead, there are still more to be done for O-Net to fully realise its potential, hence, the team will keep striving for breakthroughs and capturing opportunities that can see it become a world-leading high-tech company.”

Launched in 2007 by Enterprise Asia, APEA is a prestigious award that recognizes and honors outstanding entrepreneurs in Asia for their excellent performance in developing successful businesses with continuous innovation and sustainable leadership. Enterprise Asia is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship development and connecting leading entrepreneurs across Asia, plus cultivating a culture of honest, fair and responsible entrepreneurship. It has, to date, presented APEA honors to top business leaders and entrepreneurs in countries and regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, the PRC, Hong Kong etc.

About O-Net Technologies (Group) Limited (Stock code: 877)
O-Net Technologies (Group) Limited, with headquarters in Shenzhen, was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 29 April 2010. It is a leading supplier of optical networking products to the global optical telecommunications and data-communications markets. To further strengthen the Group’s leadership in the global technology industry, O-Net has partnered with 3SP to secure the supply of silicon based laser chips and also acquired ITF to widen its product range so as to improve its technologies and vertical integration. Riding on the Group’s core technology platforms, it has diversified from its core business to certain new businesses including automation and sensing, fiber laser and LiDAR business, and has re-positioned its strategic focus from a sole telecom passive component supplier to a high technology leader with advanced products and solutions for cloud data centers and has also developed itself to a world-wide leading solutions provider for LiDAR with an aim to become a leading high-tech company.