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O-Net was named “State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Centers”

According to the announcement of the selected list of State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Centers made by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on 29 December 2016, O-Net was selected and named “State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Centers”.

O-Net being recognized as State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Center, is one out of two selected overseas-funded enterprises in Shenzhen City. O-Net awarded this title mainly because we gain recognition with our product quality, strong R&D capability, corporate strategy, and management team. Named this title has a positive impact to our technology research and development, outcome transformation, attract first-class talent, fostering advanced research team, which would greatly enhance our competitiveness.

According to the relevant regulations of the “Measures for the Management of State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Centers”, a recognized State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Center can enjoy preferential import tax policy of on scientific and technological development supplies, apply innovative capability project and science and technology project of Enterprise Technology Centers, and apply funding from national and local governments.