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O-Net Holds Special Event “To the Prettiest Ladies” To Mark Women’s Day on March 8

To convey its sincere care to female employees, enhance interdepartmental communication and interaction and build a positive corporate culture, the Company has launched its inaugural O-Net March 8 Women’s Day. In keeping with the Spring season, a floral arrangement class has been specially arranged for this year’s event. All female employees were invited to the floral arrangement class to enjoy more fun and pleasure on this special day.

The eagerly anticipated floral arrangement class was unveiled, highlighted by pastel-tone flowers, delicate vases and the Grand Hall (闻道大礼堂) with a brand new look. Ms. Li Shuping, Vice President of O-Net, the Guest of Honor, in opening remarks, conveyed her warm regards and blessings to all female employees on this special day. She said, “We should feel lucky to be a woman in the new era. We have been born in prosperous times, and have gained respect and recognition in the society. In particular, at O-Net, to paraphrase Chairman Mao Zedong female employees “hold up half the sky” at the Company. Female employees in different positions across all departments of our Group have high standards for themselves, continuing to learn new technologies, acquire new knowledge, embrace innovation and are willing take up important roles. All of these things contribute to the development of O-Net. “I encourage everyone to keep up your efforts, strive your best in your position and embrace the spirit of women measuring up to their male counterparts’ in achieving business success and making even greater contributions to O-Net’s development.”

The 2017 Women’s Day activity concluded with a bundle of surprises with wonderful flower scents. The Company’s support and top management’s impression have created lasting warm memories, with the aim to send the wonderful gifts to the pretty female employees of O-Net.