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O-Net Selected for Exhibition Tour of “Top 100 in the Five-Year Plan” of Sponsored Companies in Pingshan District

This year is the “Year of Quality Breakthroughs” in the Pingshan District. As an outstanding company in the “Top 100 in the Five-Year Plan” Excellence in Performance promotional activity, O-Net representative was interviewed in Yangcheng Evening News.

After O-Net introduced its Performance Excellence Model in 2011, the company has implemented comprehensive practices spanning quality management, zero defects management, lean production and TPM under the framework of ISO9000, ISO14000 and TL9000 accreditations. When the Performance Excellence Management Model has been incorporated into the operations and management of the company, a distinctive results-oriented operational and management structure was formed centering around innovative management. In 2014, the company was selected for the evaluation of “The Top 100 in the Five-Year Plan”. To build a strategic management system that can adapt to developments in the market competitive situation, the company has implemented a comprehensive upgrade of management on decisions and implementation of strategies through the methods of “Four Steps, The Circulation Scheme, Through Inspection of the Whole Process”, which sets a new direction and objective for the orderly implementation of best management practices and enhanced operations.

In the interview, Ms. Li Shuping, Vice President of O-Net, said, “To conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on related performance excellence standards can reveal the competitive strengths of the company and the differences in the indicators being compared. This information can help to further optimize the company’s management system and boost esprit de corps, so it carries great significance for the sustainable development of the company and its development into a global brand.” Moving forward, O-Net will actively facilitate the introduction and application of the performance excellence management model, so as to set a role model to the industry and help to enhance the overall competitiveness of the Pingshan District.”