O-Net Group launches SAP system – Enables data-based decision making and management upgrade
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O-Net Group launches SAP system – Enables data-based decision making and management upgrade

At 3 pm on 2 August 2017, O-Net Group formally rolled out the SAP system and completed connecting to it the systems of the Group’s four incorporated companies. That was a significant step forward for the Group, the fruit of close to six months of hard work.

In developing the SAP system, through end-to-end process design and optimization, the Group is able to centralize and consolidate business resources and achieve interconnection of the SAP, WMS, FIS, OA and Golden Tax systems, accomplishing the following three management goals:

1.A sales decision making system was built to perform order processing management/ quick and accurate quotation management/ efficient service system/ AR management for the incorporated companies worldwide/ multiple sites/ diverse business directions/ various trading modes.

2.Enabled ERP MPS/MRP/RCCP functions to support end-to-end order processing management and provide simple, quick and accurate data to support decision making that can facilitate smooth operation of production, supply and sales.

3.Introduced five centers to achieve delicacy management of accurate costing (down to production line level) and adopted a standard costing management system, thereby developed for financial operation an integrated and international group financial management system.

The SAP system could not have been successfully launched without the full support of the management and all staff, plus the hard work of all project team members. Since its launch, the system has been running stable with all processes proceeding smoothly and orderly. A window that opens the Group to management innovation, the SAP system can help enhance corporate management standard, thereby lays a solid foundation for O-Net Group to maintain efficient and rapid growth of its operating results and take its business to new heights!