Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection

O-Net is committed to comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulation and defined environmental requirements by continually improve our products and processes to minimize pollution and the consumption of energy and natural resources. With the rapid development of the high-tech products, the energy consumption in optical communication industry keeps a rapid rate of growing. O-Net realizes the importance of providing energy-efficient solutions. Therefore, O-Net has implemented the "Green Products Green World" strategy thoroughly in the energy efficiency of our products and Production Processeses.

Our people deem environmental protection as their own responsibilities. Apart from complying with the national and local environmental protection regulations, O-Net also pays much attention to global environmental protection issues and takes the lead to implement environmental protection measures. O-Net vigorously promotes all personnel's environmental protection awareness and makes contributions to the earth through exchanging ideas with the industry participants and the public.

Waste Water The waste water emission by O-Net are primarily non-production sewages. We adopt regular monitoring and testing policies to ensure the waste water compliance with national standards.

Waste Gas The waste gas emission by O-Net are primarily air compressor waste gas, air conditioner waste gas and welding waste gas. We adopt regular monitoring and testing policies. All testing results of waster gas are in compliance with national standards.

Noise The noises are primarily generated by air compressor, air conditioner and soldering. We adopt regular monitoring and testing policies to ensure providing a healthy workplace for our employees which compliance with national standards.

WasteWastes generated by O-Net's operation mainly include recyclable solid waste, hazardous waste, and non-recyclable waste.

Green Product All products supplied by O-Net meet the requirements of the laws and regulations for environmental protection, including: EU RoHS, EU REACH (SVHC), China RoHS and etc. O-Net focuses ecological environmental protection at R&D stage and ensures that products are green, healthy, toxic-free and harmless to the environment.

Greenhouse gas management O-Net Group has taken greenhouse gas (GHG) as a part of corporate operations, identifying greenhouse gas emissions based on the requirements of the Shenzhen government-related system and taking effective energy-saving and emission reduction actions. The total GHG emission for O-Net Communications in 2017: 40675.2 tCO2e

The GHG emission data for the past three years are as follows:

  • Year 2015 2016 2017
    Emission(tCO2e) 20597.22 25209.80 40675.20