Production Processes
  • Degsin, Prototype and Engineering:

    O-Net's rapid development has proved by its design and production capabilities, as well as our rapid transformation of new design from prototype to mass production which greatly improves our customers' time-to-market in product launching.

  • Optical Precision Processing:

    Our optical products are leading in the industry by our unique technologies in high precision cutting and polishing which help us to provide ultra-precision plane mirror, micro-prism and various kind of Etalon.

  • Optical Fabrication and Coating:

    O-Net manufactures a wide range of standard components and modules. Our more than a decade-old productiuon experience ensures that we can provide low cost, high efficiency and reliable products to our customers. Our strength in thin film design and coating further proved our capabilities.

  • Packaging:

    O-Net provides packaging services for many types of passive, active and integrated products. These services include both the cost-efficient packaging solutions and the most advanced packaging solutions.

  • Testing:

    O-Net also provides optical testing services for crystals, components and modules. Our experienced testing team provides both performance tests and Telcordia tests services.