People are the foundation of an enterprise, as well as the essential resource to compete in future. O-Net has always focused its attention towards personnel training, value talents highly, and leaving sufficient room for all round-development.

Employees in our enterprise will be treated fairly and equally. Moral excellence and diligence are highly encouraged.

O-Net strives to enhance staffs competence through recruitment, selection and training. Since the establishment of O-Net, our management and R&D teams have consisted experienced members with Ph.D. and M.S. degree from overseas and China. We provide various types of training to our employees, such as on-job training, problem-solving skill training and career path development. O-Net will need many talents from various fields to build our engineering and managerial team in order to maintain our long term competitiveness in the market.

O-Net offers development opportunities to its staff, as well as a platform to fully utilize their talents. O-Net will offer timely awards and promotion opportunities with regard to their job performance, work attitude and dedication.

We believe our efforts to pursue continuous improvement of human resources will bring us to a brilliant future.